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Dentures basically replace missing teeth. They can be used to replace just a few or all of your teeth if need be. Their benefits do not stop there, as they can reverse a few things that can happen when teeth go missing.

You may know that teeth are needed for eating, but were you aware that they help us speak clearly too? With missing teeth, eating and talking can become considerably more difficult. By replacing those wayward teeth, dentures can restore our abilities to eat and talk.

Teeth are also helpful for maintaining our appearances. Teeth offer support for the muscles in our faces. Without this support, we can start to look older than we actually are as our facial muscles droop. This can be easily avoided by getting dentures, as they can help the facial muscles hold themselves up.

If you find yourself struggling with the issues we just described and you would like to consider dentures, you are welcome to visit us here at The Mount Pleasant Dentist in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Our dentist, Dr. Jesse Taylor, can help you as you consider this decision. You can set up a visit by calling 903-572-4141. We are always happy to serve you!