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Wisdom Teeth

Extraction Before Impacted

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars. They usually come in when a person is in their late teens to early twenties. Sometimes these teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth when healthy and properly aligned. Most times, however, they are misaligned and require removal (extraction).


Wisdom Teeth

The mature adult mouth generates three sets of molars. The stages occur as follows: your first set of molars pop through your gums around age six; your second set of molars come in when you are twelve or so; your final molars, your wisdom teeth, erupt during your late teens or early twenties.

Decisions Regarding Your Wisdom Teeth

First, The Mount Pleasant Dentist will need to take a dental X-ray of your mouth to determine how many wisdom teeth you have and their alignment. Then, even though your molars serve a function, the x-ray results may indicate that your wisdom teeth might require extraction to avoid future dental problems.

When is there a Need for Extraction of Wisdom Teeth?

To chew and to grind your food are the major functions of your last set of molars. However, misaligned wisdom teeth are notorious for causing dental problems.

  • Your teeth can become overcrowded.
  • Your jawbone can be damaged.
  • Your nerves surrounding the molar can be damaged, as well.

Dr. Taylor may also recommend extraction of your wisdom teeth when the wisdom teeth are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are conditions when your molars do not erupt totally from the soft tissue or your jawbone. A partial eruption of your molars may still require extraction because, if these molars stay in your mouth, you can develop conditions that cause infections, leading to tooth pain, jaw pain, swelling, and overall poor dental health.

When deciding on whether or not to extract your wisdom teeth, another factor you may want to consider is your age. When you are younger, your molar root has not completely developed and the bone is still in a pliable state, hence, less recovery time after extraction. When you are a bit older, molar extraction tends to be harder, as your molar roots have solidified to the bone. Because the extraction may be more difficult, your recovery period may be longer.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, from wisdom tooth pain, to trauma, to oral sports injury, contact The Mount Pleasant Dentist immediately! They will get you out of pain quickly, and provide proper solutions for your individual condition.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction at The Mount Pleasant Dentist

Please let Dr. Taylor at The Mount Pleasant Dentist know if you are fearful about the extraction process. He will be happy to discuss with you the sedation options available to you to alleviate any concerns you have.

The Mount Pleasant Dentist recommends extraction of your wisdom teeth when your dental check up confirms future dental problems may occur, if they remain. Normally, you need to return to the office at another scheduled time for your wisdom teeth extraction.

A simple procedure, the extraction requires the removal of the molar from its socket. Dr. Taylor administers anesthesia or sedation allowing you to feel comfortable during the extraction. Next, he delicately widens the socket to reach the ligament that attaches the molar to the jawbone. After addressing the ligament, he removes the wisdom tooth. Then, either Dr. Taylor or one of his dental team members will give you at-home care directions before you leave the office.

Occasionally, after your wisdom teeth extraction, your remaining teeth shift. If so, The Mount Pleasant Dentist will discuss your options if problems result from their movement.

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