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As the new year approaches, we invite you to consider your options for tooth replacement treatment. Prolonged tooth loss can contribute toward further dental issues, including tooth decay, loss of gum stability, and drifting teeth.

Receiving custom-made dentures not only restores your beautiful smile, it provides many important dental health benefits, such as:

– Speech and chewing skills that were previously affected by missing teeth
– Greater self-esteem and the confidence to confront social settings and your workplace with a big smile
– A stable jaw and enhanced facial structure safe from the cosmetic setbacks of missing teeth, including an aged and weakened appearance and collapse facial structure
– Convenient removal for cleaning, repairs, and replacement as needed
– Preventing surrounding teeth from shifting into the gaps and spaces left by missing teeth and decreasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease
– Increased versatility by offering the option of replacing a single tooth, several teeth, or an entire row
– Minimal hassle when cleaning and soaking dentures overnight

To learn more about your options for improving your smile this holiday season, call 903-572-4141 today and schedule a visit to our dentist, Dr. Jesse Taylor. We will gladly help you determine if dentures hold the key to your new smile in Mount Pleasant, Texas!