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If you are struggling with caring for your body correctly, you could put yourself at risk for several oral health problems. Furthermore, severe oral health risks such as oral and throat cancer are possible not only through poor lifestyle choices, but also due to random accidents or happenings. In fact, over 40,000 Americans every year will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancer, ranging from individuals of all ages, sizes and types. Thus, no matter how well you may care for your smile, is important to always look for signs of oral and throat cancer. Ask yourself the following questions about symptoms of oral and throat cancer:

– Are you noticing any unexplained bleeding in your mouth or do you bleed frequently after eating or brushing your teeth?
– Do you notice any white, red or speckled patches in your mouth that look abnormal or irregular?
– Do you have sores in your mouth or in your facial area that continue to arise and do not heal after two weeks?
– Do you experience any throat soreness as if something is caught in the back of your throat?
– Are you having any issues breathing, chewing or swallowing? Are you having any issues opening and closing your mouth?
– Do you have a loss of feeling in your mouth at any point in time or notice pain or tenderness in specific areas or unexplained numbness?
– Have you ever struggled with dramatic weight loss that has no other explanation?

If any of these issues apply to you, visit our office for an oral cancer screening. Dr. Jesse Taylor and all of our fantastic team are located in Mount Pleasant, Texas. If you would like to schedule an appointment with The Mount Pleasant Dentist for an oral cancer screening, please call our dental office at 903-285-6369.