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benefits of sedation dentistry

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Comfortable, Content, and Confident

One of the major benefits of sedation dentistry offered by The Mount Pleasant Dentist is that you often feel like your dental procedure only lasts a few minutes, when in reality it might have taken hours to perform.


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The most important benefit of sedation dentistry is that it allows Dr. Taylor to create a sedation dentistry program precisely developed for your specific level of anxiety. When you arrive at our office in Mount Pleasant, TX, Dr. Taylor and our caring dental team work to make sure you are at ease and self-assured about being "at the dentist's office." It is very important to us, as part of our commitment to you, to make sure we offer you a pleasant dental experience – one that may require sedation to accomplish.

Specific Benefits of Sedation

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sedation dentistry offered by The Mount Pleasant Dentist is the element of time. When your dental check up shows you need a complex restorative procedure, sedation dentistry can create a time lapse. For example, you may need a dental procedure that requires hours to perform. Sedation dentistry can make those hours seem like minutes! Therefore, if you choose a complex dental procedure that requires multiple visits, Dr. Taylor can performed it in fewer appointments.

Additional benefits of sedation stem from the state of relaxation you experience during your dental treatment. Dr. Taylor may recommend sedation dentistry when you are going to endure all-encompassing or lengthy dental procedures, and if you experience tremendous dental fear and anxiety when you visit our office, sedation dentistry is the unsurpassed option.

More benefits of sedation dentistry follow:

  • Sedation dentistry reduces anxiety: The Mount Pleasant Dentist wants you to feel like you are ready to conquer the world when you visit our office. Sedation dentistry allows you to stay relaxed during your dental exam or treatment. Through our sedation dentistry options (Laughing Gas, Oral Conscious Sedation, and IV Sedation), we will help you find a satisfactory comfort level during your visit, and we will determine your comfort level because, if not, you may avoid your regular dental check ups or put off receiving the proper dental care you need, therefore, risking your overall dental health.
  • Sedation dentistry reduces pain: Only you know your pain, which is different from anyone else's. The Mount Pleasant Dentist works with you to determine the sedation dentistry treatment for you. It is an easy process, and when we have established what is right for you, you benefit from a pain-free dental procedure.
  • Sedation dentistry limits your mobility: A natural response to uncomfortable stimuli is for most people to jump, draw back, or twitch. If this is you, sedation dentistry assists you to stay calm and not to react to the uncomfortable stimuli during the procedure.

Do not let being afraid or anxious about having simple dental check ups or long and complicated dental procedures keep you from getting to The Mount Pleasant Dentist. The benefits of sedation dentistry ease you into a comfort zone – one where you feel relaxed during the treatment process. The benefits of sedation dentistry help you achieve a winning smile, one that makes you confident. Now that's a benefit!

Sedation Dentistry Options at The Mount Pleasant Dentist

You know what your dental fear and dental phobia allow you to do and not do. As part of our promise to you, The Mount Pleasant Dentist can provide laughing gas (nitrous oxide), a local anesthetic, an oral sedation, or IV sedation (provided by a trusted anesthesiologist) to help you cope with your dental fears and anxieties. Dr. Taylor provides you with the proper sedation in order to make you feel at ease throughout your entire dental visit.

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